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Breastfeeding Is A Whole New World




 When I got the results of my pregnancy test, I immediately went to my OB GYN for consultation. She congratulated me and endorsed me for several tests as part of the routine for new pregnant moms. During this visit, what hit me the most was when she said, "We advocate breastfeeding in this hospital so as early as now, prepare for it, attend seminars, do research because when you give birth, bottles and formula milk will not be allowed". 


Formula Milk

Initial thought was, “Why?”. I grew up knowing that formula milk is the way. I didn't see anyone breastfeed their babies until recently and before I got pregnant, I barely knew anything about breastfeeding except for bringing out your breast and putting it in the baby's mouth. I felt pressured and I start doubting myself like, would I be able to produce milk ever or will I be able to sustain it for 6 months at least. Since it's my first trimester and this stage had been a very difficult one for me, I tried to forget about it and said to myself that I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

During my second trimester, I went to my OB GYN again for a follow-up. She asked if I already attended classes for breastfeeding and if I did research. I honestly didn't do any research yet and I had no plans on attending seminars related to it. Seeing the hesitation on my face, she said, "We have free seminars here in the hospital. You just need to register and attend. Don't let it pass because it’s a great opportunity for you to learn and it will really be helpful for you when you give birth". I had to be a good mom and I followed her advice. Also, I didn't want to look stupid when the time comes so I checked on the schedule and the next will be held on my third trimester. I also asked some friends for tips and one important tip I got was to join a breastfeeding group in Facebook. It didn’t just help me in giving knowledge about breastfeeding but it acted as a support group for ALL breastfeeding moms. 



From that Facebook group, I learned a lot. From the benefits of breastfeeding, correct positions, nutrients from breastmilk, advantages of breastfed babies and a whole lot more. Aside from saving a lot of money, they also shared as to how it can benefit both the baby and the mom and how it can be difficult but fulfilling. When I attended the scheduled seminar, I knew some of the knowledge I got will be presented as well but I was still amazed as to how Doctors gave more insights which meant that there’s a lot more being discovered through continued research and experiments. I even compared breastmilk to the deep ocean; we know enough of it but there’s a lot more to discover which makes it even more powerful. 



Research and attending learning groups really helped me a lot in appreciating what my body can do. It helped me realise that women's bodies are super powerful that it can actually sustain another life. I fell in love with my body and I appreciate being a woman more than anything else. Because of these, I am able to breastfeed for 16 months and counting and I've never been more proud of myself.  I'm very grateful that I have this special bond with my son and even if there are cons, I'm fulfilled knowing that my son is reaping the benefits of breastmilk and is a healthy and happy little boy.  


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