Dual Electric Pump

Regular price ₱1,995.00

Pump is the #1 choice of moms for an affordable electric pump.

This electric pump is small and light, easy to store and easy to carry when going out.

Its smooth suction is safe and comfortable. It is high temperature resistant and easy to clean.

It needs low power and has little vibration with less noise.

100% Brand New and High Quality.

Materials: PP material. This does not contain harmful substances.


 Pacakage inclusions: 2pcs. Milk Bottle, 2pcs. Duckbill, 2pcs. Tee, 2pcs. Air Cylinder, 1pc. Tee Lid, 2pcs. Straw, 2pcs. Double Interface, 1pc. USB Cable, 1pc. Host Computer, Manual, Packaging Box

Flange Size: 24mm

1. The date on the milkbag is the production date.
2. This product is not battery-operated. You can use power sources such as powerbank, laptops, outlets with USB port to be able to operate the pump.
3. An instruction manual is included inside the box for more instructions.
How to use:
1. Press the power switch and it will automatically enter the 90 seconds stimulation mode.
2. The system will increase the suction strength gradually until it reaches your desired strength.
3. You can press the plus and minus buttons to adjust to the desired strength.
4. You can press the mode button if you want to change modes. The red light indicates massage mode while blue light indicates expression of milk mode.